About Us

What happens when you combine a life-long farmer with a flower fanatic?

You get a field full of perfectly straight row after row of the most beautiful flowers you've ever seen.

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy soul!

This flower farm was inevitable. Since their marriage, Kelly has grown her own picking garden for friends and family while her husband Joe spent his summers making hay. Encouraged by a friend, Kelly opened up her flower field to the public and was overwhelmed at the response. It is their joy to grow these flowers starting at the very beginning from seed, watching them sprout, caring for them along the way, and finally seeing them made into beautiful arrangements. It really is the love of flowers and sharing them that is the motivation behind these fields of flowers!

This small farm family is pleased to share its little piece of heaven with you!

The Crew

Joe & Kelly




Lucy and Snowflake


Lucky and Aladdin