Tomatoes & Peppers


There is just something amazing about homegrown tomatoes! You will NOT find a better tasting tomato than the ones you grew yourself.  Not only that, but most grocery stores simply do not stock tomatoes varieties based on flavor; instead they prefer shelf life over taste. It's something we have to sacrifice November through June but we can have beautiful and delicious tomatoes all summer long! These varieties were carefully selected for flavor above all else, followed by disease resistance and of course appearance. They are absolutely beautiful and will add a touch of flare to your dish! Oh, and did I mention convenience? Nothing beats vine ripened tomatoes just out your back door. 

Give one tomato plant a try this summer.  I have no doubt that you'll be back for more next spring. So check out our selection of delicious, award-winning, beautiful tomatoes and be the envy of all your summer dinner partys! 

$8 per plant or 4 for $30.


Salsa anyone? Stuffed green peppers? Fresh, snacking peppers? Need I go on....

 I've selected a rainbow of my favorite peppers for you. Fresh, delicious and beautiful in a range of heat. You'll find one to make your menu even more complete. 

Easy to grow without a ton of space needed. The more you harvest, the more your plant will produce! 

Who says eating healthy has to be boring? 

$5 per plant or 5 for $22.

Still not convinced to grow your own? Read here!

Reserve your healthy and lush tomato and pepper plants. 

I have only a limited quantity available so it will be first come, first served via the form submission. 

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Pick up dates are May 22 & June 3 from 11-4 or by appointment.

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