Your Visit

The Flower Farm Experience

When you arrive at our farm, drive past the house towards the red barn. You will find parking there. From there, head to the gazebo where you will be greeted. We have clippers and pails of water for your use. Beyond the gazebo you will see the field of flowers. Check out our list of all the flowers we grow here! You won't believe the variety! Go explore the field and enjoy! 

Don't rush, take your time. Enjoy experiencing all the senses that come with a flower field. Fresh botanical breezes, birds singing, and of course a masterpiece for your eyes! Sit in our shade, chat with friends and remember that there's more to life than just checking off your to do list.

When you have finished picking, use our self wrap station where you can arrange your own bouquet, or stop back in the gazebo where we would love to do it for you. We do have vases available as well. 

Don't forget to say hi to our furry and feathered friends before you leave!